VFX – The first form of visuality

Visual illusions have captured the imagination of humans since the cave age. The first for of human generated visual effects used the flicked of an open fire. Our ancestors would sit in the darkness and capture their imagination on the walls of the cave. The flicker of the flame made it so that the painted images came alive and the painted humans and animals would figuratively run across the walls. Since the illusion lacked all comparison at the time, it must have felt very real.

Today we do the same using computers. Even if the process is technically very different, its origin in both the sender and receiver remains the same as it was back in the cave: we have a need to capture, see and understand. a need to experience the othervise unseen.Piloted by veteran VFX artist Tauno Sillanpää, the VFX department of Koski Syväri is curious and hungry. Its attention towards both concept and craftmanship is in line with rest of our offering.

All artwork by our VFX Artist Tauno Sillanpää