Valio AIMO

Behind The Products

Valio AIMO



Photographer & Retouch: Osmo Puuperä
Producer: Laura Silvanto
MUAH & style:
Heini Kortelainen
Food style:
Iikka Johansson
Melvin Torrens
Assistant: Valtteri Haverinen

Valio’s acquisition of Heino Wholesale in 2021 marked the inception of a fresh brand, Valio AIMO. Collaboratively with SEK, we embarked on crafting a compelling brand narrative to portray the ‘AIMO people’ and the core essence of this emerging brand.

Within this narrative, portraits serve as windows into a diverse range of product lines and the skilled individuals who define the essence of the AIMO brand. These portraits capture the essence of various seasons, showcasing the natural evolution of the brand’s products throughout the year.