We have grown used to certain type of imagery associated with luxury items like perfumes, jewellery and garments. Olli Häkkinen finds it very intriguing to find ways of implementing this style and tone when photographing objects that are not usually connected to e.g. the world of fashion.

With this in mind we planned a shoot for Finnish hunting rifle company Sako together with designer Joonas Tauriainen and his team from Wunderman Thompson and set designer Piia Emilia. The Sako 100 rifle is designed and crafted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sako, it’s the culmination of a century of rifle design and development.

As Sako 100 is not just a functional item, it is also a beautiful, crown jewel-like piece of Sako design legacy, we wanted to come up with ways of bringing it closer to the world of luxury items.

So we brought the rifle to a controlled and composed studio environment, played with balance and created simple but striking still life sets.

We drew inspiration from different climates the Sako 100 can be used and brought in subtle elements themed around them. The end result is what we hope elevates in essence a utility article into a luxury object, desired for its craftmanship and design, just like 
a piece of jewellery.