“Restaurant Maaemo is a special place and Chef Esben Holmboe bang a special man. Both very dear to me. We have been working together since 2012 and the story goes on.” -Tuukka


Esben Holmboe Bang


Koski Syväri


Tuukka Koski

We met with Esben in 2012, while I was on assignment to shoot the hyped new restaurant Maaemo in Oslo for Bon Appétit Magazine. Back then the restaurant had gotten two Michelin stars already on their first year of opening.

It was few days after that trip when Esben called me and asked if we could start creating the visual imagery for the restaurant. A beautiful journey started. We traveled a lot around Norway shooting for their website, made few films and a created a beautiful coffee table cook book.

In early 2016 Maaemo received three Michelin stars. That  made Esben one of the youngest chefs in the world to ever reach that level.

In 2020 a new chapter begun. Maaemo moved into new premises. Into a space built just for them. To be one of a kind restaurant experience like no other. As the Michelin Guide describes  it: “It is worth the trip.”

When the original location at Schweigaardsgate 15 closed on December 2019, it was time to wrap the first chapter of our journey and move into next one.