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Jewels of Rhodes

To find your inner child, all you need to do is go to a small pebbled beach and really open your eyes to the beauty all around you.

Like most kids probably do, Olli Häkkinen loved collecting all kinds of rocks, seashells and beautiful thingies on family holidays. To him, the wave-swept pebbles were likened to crown jewels and equally beautiful and treasured.


All the vibrant colours and different patterns ensure you couldn’t find two alike, no matter how long you searched. Inside some of us simply lives a keen magpie, ready to pocket everything valuable and shiny.


During his holiday at the greek island of Rhodes, Olli discovered his inner magpie and let his imagination wander. After collecting an impressive series of “jewels”, he decided to capture the childish enthusiasm through photography. After all, how could anyone let these treasures go by?